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Interested in swimming with us?

All swimmers 10 and under who have not done swim team (including summer league, USA swimming, city league, etc.)

will need to try out to determine if swim team is a good fit. Swimmers must be able to complete 1 length of the pool (25 yards) freestyle with side breathing and backstroke and show some semblance of breaststroke and butterfly. They also need to be comfortable swimming in the deep end of the pool. Swimmers not meeting this requirement are encouraged to do swim lessons and come back to try in the future. The coaches on deck have the final say in whether a swimmer is ready or is not. 
Any swimmer who is found to not be ready for swim team will get their registration fees refunded.


Express : This track is a flexible option, offering shorter sessions aimed at athletes who want to
explore swimming as a year-round option or who desire a smaller time commitment. This is
ideal for swimmers who are participating in other sports, have scheduling conflicts, or those who
are participating in USA Swimming for the first time. While express groups are geared toward
less experienced and younger swimmers, any swimmer may participate regardless of age.

Age Group : This track is aimed at swimmers who have a little more experience with year-
round USA Swimming or are looking for a longer practice. This is a very popular option and a
majority of our swimmers fall into the “age group” track. Workouts are an hour and swimmers
will get a good balance of technique, endurance, and speed training throughout the year.

Medalist This track is the most intensive option and is aimed at athletes for whom swimming is
a primary focus. Practices are more intensive and will follow a seasonal plan to maximize
performance at championship meets. We will also offer dryland to Medalist swimmers who are
11 and up. Dryland practices will be at Aqua Club between 5:30 and 6:15 on Tuesdays and


All three tracks have the option of participating in USA swim meets throughout the year.
We do not require meets but we encourage all swimmers to try at least one session at some
point in the season. We will send out a FAQ addressing common questions many new families
have and will be releasing more information about meets closer to the start of the season.​

Medalist Swimmers are highly encouraged to attend USA swim meets with the goal of making a
championship team (more info will come closer to the start of the season) Medalist is open to
swimmers who have achieved Silver time standards (Summer league and High School times
count) or at a coaches discretion. New swimmers wishing to join Medalist must show proof of
time or contact Coach Chris.