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Our Season
Our program runs mid-September through mid-May. Exact starting and ending dates vary slightly each year depending on the calendar and available pool dates. At this time, we do not train during the USA Swimming long course season over the summer but we do participate in a limited number of USA Swimming sanctioned Long Course meets.

Program Options
We offer a variety of workout options: an “express” track with shorter workouts and a mix of ages, an age group track and a Medalist track. Workouts are age-specific and due to the high volume of requests to join, we must plan pool space and capacity very carefully and therefore cannot accommodate training outside of designated age based workouts. 

Fee Structure and Billing Basics
A per-swimmer Registration Fee of $100 is billed upon registration and must be paid before your registration is considered complete. Every swimmer must also be a member in good standing with USA Swimming in order to train with Excel; the Year Round fee for 2022 is $81 per swimmer and allows unlimited participation in meets. A new membership category introduced in 2019, the Flex Membership for $20 per swimmer, is intended for swimmers who are under the age of 12 and will not participate in more than two (2) sanctioned meets per season, both of which must be below the championship level. This membership can be upgraded to the full Year Round membership during the season if necessary. No portion of USA Swimming membership fees are retained by Excel; a small amount goes to our local swim committee, Pacific Northwest Swimming (PNS), and the remainder goes to USA Swimming to support the programs and services provided to all swimmers, parents, coaches and volunteers. To be eligible for a complete waiver of the registration fee, you must provide proof of participation in the SNAP program or a free/reduced lunch program at school. Please talk to the club registrar if you need more information.

Our first training period for the 2021-22 season will begin September 27 at Aqua Club, October 11 at Sand Point and October 19 at Meadowbrook. Training fees are billed automatically on the 1st of the month; a late fee will apply for payments received after the 10th. Swimmers with delinquent accounts may not be allowed in the pool unless arrangements have been made if there are extenuating circumstances. Full monthly dues are required regardless of the number of workouts the swimmer attends in any given monthly billing period. No credit or refunds will be given for missed workouts. Given that our season will end on May 14th 2022, the final dues billing will be 50%.

Holding and/or leaving the team - revised policy for the COVID-19 season
If a swimmer will not be training for one entire billing period or more but wishes to return to the team in another billing period during the current season, full dues for the holding period will be required to hold that swimmer’s place on the team. As an option, the swimmer can simply cancel their membership for the time period they will not be training; however, to return to the team at a later date, a new registration including the swimmer registration fee will be required and acceptance will be based on space available. Written notification is required if you are leaving the team for the remainder of the season. You will continue to be responsible for the full monthly training fees until such written notice is provided.

High School Hold Policy - revised policy for the COVID-19 season
Excel believes strongly in the benefit of high school swimming. In normal times, our policy is that swimmers who leave the team to train with their high school team must inform us in writing but will not be billed for the months they are training with their school provided they return immediately at the conclusion of the high school season. Unfortunately, during the pandemic we are not able to honor this policy as our workouts are very tightly restricted. It is our intention to reinstate the policy once we are cleared to return to "normal".

Swim Meet Fees and Participation
Excel encourages but does not require our swimmers to attend meets. Swim meets are available to all registered swimmers, including those in the extension program, unless there are specific qualifying standards. Swim meet fees vary according to the meet and events entered. We require all meet entry declarations to be made online in the family's swim portal. There are no refunds if a swimmer signs up for a meet and is then unable to attend. Excel pays these fees in advance to the host team and does not receive a refund when swimmers cancel their participation.

Wait List policy
If your desired workout is full at the time of registration, you will be offered the option of joining the wait list for that workout. Each workout has a separate list and space will be filled in the order of sign-up. You will be notified by email when you reach the top of the list. Workout wait lists are for the current season only -- registration begins fresh each season and if space fills, you will again be offered the option of a wait list position.

Excel Swim Club is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit corporation. We do not require our families to do any fundraising or volunteering; instead we cover our operating costs through registration fees and monthly dues. We ask that you make every effort to remit your dues on time and help us keep our program affordable. As a cost saving measure, we do not send paper statements, invoices, newsletters or announcements by postal mail. All communication is accomplished via email. If your family cannot receive communication via email, please let us know.

Thank you for choosing Excel Swim Club!

Excel Swim Club is a competitive swim club for ages 5-18, located in the Seattle area. Our staff of certified coaches will guide and encourage our swimmers in their quest for excellence. We understand the busy schedules of the school year and celebrate your participation at whatever level that may be.   

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